Consumers as gods and the world as their alter

The day cause marketing died.

Consumers today are being overloaded with messages of ‘doing good’. Seems to us many companies have misled their consumers to solely sell their products, whereas the real intent should be to change business values/production/development and our attitude towards consumption and the world.

Here is an article that inspired us to blog about precisely this reason:

The same issues rise with social media; communication yes, but at what level?

Somehow companies don’t seem to get the big picture:  Consumers are the gods and the world is their altar

The alter is a sacred space of communication between the brand and the consumer. A transparent communication, a symbiotic and thriving relationship.

When will they start to truly engage?

What would you as a consumer-god suggest to companies? and how would you like them to give offers to your altar?

One Response to “Consumers as gods and the world as their alter”
  1. allforbend says:

    Transparency, integrity and honesty as a brand. Knowing that the VP of a brand understands he is a consumer too. Being aligned to a brands purpose. Profits are bound to follow

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