Make it easy for me and I will recycle

So, yes, I am an iphone sucker. I breathe, live and talk (a lot) via this super machine.

And now that I am awaiting the delivery of the top of the line,  iphone 4, I am wondering what to do with my last iphone.

ecoATM answers my call. Conveniently placed in retail stores and malls (with no additional cost to the stores) I can dump my old phone in there for recycling purposes and whats more, I get cash back.

Remember those machines that spit out change in exchange of bottles and cans? Yes, very similar to that.

What we are yet to see however, is how accurately the machine gauges state of old phone before spitting out cash.

An interesting additional layer could be an affiliation between ecoATM and non profits, where needy people could be handed over some of these working phones.

But regardless, for the moment, this makes me feel I am doing my part in the product cycle. And getting $ back for being responsible?

Sure, I’m down.


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