Save Time + Money and be Responsible at the same time?

We’ve seen it in Athens and on instances even in Brasil and in India.

Being on an island like New York, we have often wondered why cabs are so rarely if not ever shared. Especially around 6pm when its rush hour. When you have to get to the clients drinks session at half past 6 but no sign of an empty cab. And just then a woman,  jumps onto the street from nowhere and into the cab that you have so long been waiting for.Weels definitely could provide you with some help in moments such as these with a simple solution – Share the cab!

This application seems to be a winner all around. By entering your to and from locations, the app syncs you with available cabs and passengers along the route.

Decreased fuel usage, reduced carbon emissions, potentially less traffic, convenient stops anywhere (Brooklynites listen up) more tips for the driver from accumulated passengers.

Weeels predicts its first phase of success from routes where fixed transportation (MTA) is not accessible. These routes are then expected to become popular, and cheaper.

Higher levels of popularity should follow when they  move  from working with private car services to  yellow cabs. For that, we will wait to hear back on the pilot program they are pitching to the policy makers. But where could this go wrong, unless of course the algorithms on the back end dont make sense.

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