Food takes over as the #1 Conversation Starter

“The key is to a man’s heart is through his stomach”

We were reminded of this quote when we first heard about the Conflict Kitchen Project.

With this vanguard initiative, we realised how crucial the medium food could be.

Based out of Pittsburg this Take-Out only restaurant  features cuisine from countries that the US in conflict with.

Each theme (currently Iranian- “Kubideh Kitchen” with rotating plans for Afghanistan, North Korea, Venezuala) is a basis for first person discussion on internal culture and politics.

In addition to menus, the agenda to harness collective consciousness is further spread through food wrappers, programming, skype dinners with Iranian friends in Tehran  and daily interactions with consumers.

This project is being funded at

Seems to us, that in addition to crowd-sourcing, crowd-funding too, is definitely finding an everyday  stride in our lives these days.

Next Stop: Pittsburg please.

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One Response to “Food takes over as the #1 Conversation Starter”
  1. Sudipta Banerjee says:

    Ha! This is such an alternative concept!!! Kudos to the Mind/s behind it! A spoonful of irony delivered with a strong flavor of belief. Crowd-sourcing and Crowd-funding both, I believe, are still in their nascent stages as concepts. Guess its time we start to take these seriously and help them develop and spread.

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