do you take things for granted?

In western society, the growing-up years have always seen education through a burdensome lens. They tell us to dream big but with that comes the pressure to study and get good grades, be on time when that bothersome alarm goes off early am and with it, all  other hassles of  proving ourselves. But lets get real; sometime between our  graduation and the  first paycheck, the tables turn almost unnoticed. We love our weekly shopping- sprees, drinks and dinners with friends, trips to fascinating places around the world. And viola!  we feel we have achieved our own Power Island in society.

That Power Island is a place of pleasure and pain. On that island, we  start to complain about our new boss, the workplace, the politics, the bland coffee, the time it takes us to go to work and back and meanwhile still having to wake up to that bothersome alarm early am. And that’s when we  find ourselves as a bunch of unthankful westerners spitting in the plate that feeds us.

Yes, we admit, sometimes we do take too many things for granted.

Funny enough a young girl from Bolivia doesn’t dream of having the latest CD of Lady Gaga or a new pair of Prada shoes,  she simply dreams of an education. A chance to study, gain knowledge to then work and concur her very own little Island of Power.

A big kudo to Kiva, Enzi and Vittana, who have now introduced  microloans for Education; The Kiva Student Microloans program. For those of us out there who want to stop taking things for granted, think we could start by  giving a loan for education?

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