Pee and grow?

The milk carton is empty and you go to throw it away. But imagine for one second, if for instance you could use the carton, tear it up and throw it in a pot of soil and up pops a little plant in a couple of weeks.

No, it  is not a fantasy. Explorations and developments just like this are popping up and one of them is about to reach your hands very soon.

A couple of relevant people and projects are noteworthy:

Paul Stamets is a mycologist and an expert of medicinal mushrooms. At a recent film screening, he informed us about the intelligence of the mycelium network. His work involves improving the health of our planet and the people through mushrooms. One of his projects is the LIFE BOX. A container box made of cardboard, used for packaging to send out goods. Once goods are removed from package you can simply tear and throw into soil. The cardboard is layered with seeds from various trees that will soon translate into your very own nursery.

As a designer Justin Kim, goes beyond consumerism to explore answers to social and political issues. He is working on a collaboration with UNICEF. His focus is on relief camps and how they may be able to benefit from his work. For example, relief aid arrives in cartons that are layered with seeds. When you pee on it (yes pee) you are providing an opportunity for the seeds to germinate. Other areas include turning aid packaging to tents, carry bags etc. With relief aid coming in, seems like the refugees will be getting more than the aid goods this time around.

Its not just these individuals, this effort is being explored by a number of brands. Federal Express is experimenting with their packaging, Pepsico has introduced compostable packaging for their Sunchips line and perhaps your local coffee shop is now serving you in a compostable cup?

Now thats very cool, make sure to let us know their name.

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One Response to “Pee and grow?”
  1. ‘To pee or not to pee’ I thought that was the question, with apologies to William Shakespeare… 😀
    Who knew ‘peeing’ could be so beneficial to a whole community…!!! Well, this is why I love scientists, they have the ability to change our lives, for good or for worse,and these aforementioned discoveries, developments and efforts all translate to being beneficial to the planet and its people. But individual efforts are not enough I believe, If multinational organizations do not support these kind of efforts then, the damages and ravages to our planet will continue. Thanks to Giant organizations like Federal Express and Pepsico, thanks for taking the initiative and showing the way. Now I need to take a small break for you know what… 😛

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