Whats your talent?

Each and everyone one of us has it; a talent. One particular thing we can do extremely well and the best part of it is that we can do it in a snap, kinda like without having to think about it!

I’m personally really good at coming up with ideas, for practically anything. You ask and I drop you tons of new ideas. Simply pick one and my job is done!  But it gets even better when you can earn money with it, right?

Lets say you have managed to find THAT specific thing you do so well and found a job where you are enjoying yourself. Doing wonders with it. Taking some cash back for it.

And then, comes catchafire.org

They match professionals with non-proftits that need your expertise. And, no one can deny the strength of numbers, Catchafire flashes the # of hours spent in voluntary service on a project against amount of money actually saved by the non profit.

Now thats when you feel like your job is done, and you can go back home, stretch out on the sofa and dive into that creme caramel ice cream. Absolutely guilt free.

Have you found your talent?


Photo Courtesy : Alice Marzano


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