Are you into Martin Margiela, Diesel, Africa and gaming?

We may have skipped this piece of news, if not for our favorite designer. Martin Margiela’s name is enough to make us stop. Some clicks into this bit of news revealed a very interesting collaboration.

The man behind Deisel, Victor & Rolf and Martin Margiela, Renzo Rosso has undertaken a new  responsibility that uses his name, creativity and enterpreneurship for a greater good.

He has set up the ONLY THE BRAVE FOUNDATION and has adopted a village called Diori in Mali, Africa.

Why you may ask?

Rosso believes that yet another  image from Africa wont do the trick for the young folks today. They need to be given contemporary, familiar  tools and opportunities to engage and participate towards a brighter future.His goal is to mobilize the youth and provide them tools to help eradicate poverty.

Adoption of what kind you may ask?

– The OTB has partnered with various specialized non profits (One of them is Matt Damons organization, to further their efforts in Diori, Mali. Education, Water, Women, Agriculture, Energy, Doctors, Communication, Business are just some of the areas that are being developed in the hope that this village will be self sufficient and ridden of poverty by 2015 (a Millenium Development Goal) . OTB will be aiding the NGOs with funding, expertise, advice or staff mobilization.

So where’s the global youth-engagement?

Through a game application called Only The Brave, that is synced to the Facebook platform. You choose an avatar and you navigate through the village of Diori, meeting characters who have been based on real life residents. You can check out the daily lives of the residents,  the organization work in the village and how it is helping the residents. And by playing, you can help.

Familiar tools to start with then. We’re off to play in the village of Dioro.

And before we sign off, a realization that begs to be spoken out. You don’t really need to quit society, your job, your life to help the underprivileged in Africa. You could put your talent and expertise to use, right from the comfort of  your living room.

One Response to “Are you into Martin Margiela, Diesel, Africa and gaming?”
  1. Isn’t ‘Only The Brave’ the catchphrase for Diesel??!! The name of the foundation figures itself out. But hats of to Mr. Rosso, Creativity combined with concern can open new horizons, as is the case here.

    Will start playing the game now. If all i need to do is press a few keys on my keyboard and change the life of people, in a good way, then why not?

    How hard is it to press keys and play a game (all the while, deriving a satisfaction of contributing towards a cause, deep inside)? Let’s GO!

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