Do you ever use a drill?

We are in the process of switching the set up in our apartment. Not a whole deal, just moving stuff around, bringing in a fresh angle for the season ahead. Requires some new drilling, screwing and smart moves. Don’t have a screwdriver or a drill though. So, all work pauses, need to wait until Monday to buy a drill from the hardware store. Until then the apartment looks like an Indian railway platform.

As I am fantasizing about how perfect it would be, if I could run down the street and borrow one from my neighbor, my twitter feed refreshens and up pops a link.

Perfect timing. The site has recently launched and is a great way to engage in community, share and spend less. All I need to do is punch in my zipcode and item I am looking for and viola! I have it. A drill available, 10 blocks away. Perhaps even a new friend. I could also punch in what I have available to borrow. Think I might put up my bunch of movie classics, my top 5 must see recommendation for everyone.

At a time when we are questioning our boundaries of consumption, this comes as a perfect antidote. Why bother buying a $110 drill, if I need to use it only once, or, twice a year. And why not share my Last of the Mohicans  DVD with someone who may want to borrow it?

Anyway, I’m off to get that drill, while you think about what you could borrow from the folks in your hood, or vice versa. Spread the good vibes, people.

And Neighborgoods, are you thinking of a mobile app for all of us that are always on the go?

Photo Courtesy : Ken Yamaguchi

2 Responses to “Do you ever use a drill?”
  1. Great stuff!! how do I follow you gals on Twitter?

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