wanna make a first impression difference?

Here’s the thing; we do business all day long and we usually do it the same way with one main goal: to leave a great impression. we meet, drop some interesting words, do a 5 minutes pitch on our account – without being too slick nor insecure – and then we leave the person in question with one little card, a reminder of who we are, what we do and where he can find us, hoping that one day he will come looking for us.

Just one piece of paper with ink. right.

So, how about making a difference with that little piece of paper? Not only to stick into a person’s mind – so he’ll never forget us – but even more significant, to give business the power to change lives!

How about the world’s first giving business card? this is what B1G1; Buy one, Give has initiated worldwide.

A possibility to get funds flowing to a worthy cause project chosen by the person you give your business card to.

No more words, check out this link to start making a difference while doing business!


photo courtesy : Ken Yamaguchi


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