How to convert your office desk to a farm

Who could deny the love for a mango?

I am sitting here in New York, staring at the voluptuous mango on my plate. I realize these tropical fruits delivered fresh to our door step have  travelled a long way before finding  me. Its not just the mango I see, but an added price tag of burnt fuel, paper and plastic packaging and utilized energy for distribution.

With easy access to farmers markets in almost every neighborhood and restaurants that are championing farm to table sensibilities, the need to go local and seasonal is trumping at the moment.

We have been hearing about the predictions of global food shortage for sometime but perhaps, are yet to find any concrete signs in our own neighborhood. It may be a far off thought for many of us, but in Haiti, it is an impending crisis. The  staple diet for almost two thirds of the population comprises of mud cakes, made from clay. Seriously.

All of these perspectives seem to be culminating towards the exploration of Urban Farming.

Growingcity is a research and design think tank that does just that. Check out the possibilities. Who would imagine that an empty terrace or your office desk can be converted into a farm?

Windowfarms gives you another practical avenue to grow your veggies and herbs. Through a modular, hydroponic, low energy system, this technique comprises of hanging bottles from your window. You could grow peas, lettuce, herbs in the bottles and acquire your whole salad from there!

Eagle Street Roof Top Farms for that matter does a great job of engaging and informing the community on what’s seasonal and available to buy. To complete their offering one could sign up for a Volunteer Program or the Education program, to set the ball rolling.

Live in New York and have a fire escape?  Try it. I have recently started growing a herb garden and cannot explain the delight of reaching out of the window, plucking rosemary leaves and sprinkling them over my cooking pot.

The feeling is indescribable. And it comes with a lot less baggage. No unnecessary fuel or packaging. Hmm, smells like a good life.

2 Responses to “How to convert your office desk to a farm”
  1. This Idea is really amazing!…an Urban-Farm right outside my window. I am going to try this today.People like me who were born in a metropolis are not really aware of the farming process…I do not even know how to grow anything except marijuana plants maybe( 😛 apologies to both Pooja and Alice :D), but i do understand that there is a substantial difference between growing weed and vegetables…the vegetable plants may need a little care in the morning…but the satisfaction I’ll derive from growing them myself is going to be pretty rewarding, at least i won’t have to worry about pesticides, I’m sure…Thanks girls…will try it and post the pix…for sure. By the way…!!! is thia Organic Farming all about???!!!!

  2. err..In the last line, I meant : Is this what ‘Organic Farming’ is all about??!!’ typo.

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