How clean is your water?

Growing up in the north of Italy I had the privilege to drink crystal clean mountain water. I remember we would often go to a spring by the road, where the freshest water I have ever tasted just infinitely flowed out of a tree’s hole. Simply there, as a gift from nature to all.

Funny how uncommon such a delight now is, don’t you think?

Still lucky I now live in Amsterdam, where we also have an abundance of clean water thanks to the dunes, that purify it for us Dutchies, but not as many are as fortunate as us. In New York for example, we all know the oh, so popular Britta, a spectacular little device that helps us clean our water at home. I know they say New York tap water is one of the safest in the world, but I really wonder how clean that  really is?

We often “trust” what we are told, especially regarding subjects we most likely won’t be able to analyze nor dig into ourselves. And so, we blindly follow the voice. Although now, a new app is in town!

Creekwatch is an iphone application that helps you monitor the local health of your watershed. By taking a few seconds whenever you pass by a waterway, take a picture with the app and you can report how much water and trash you see. Creekwatch then shares your data with water control boards and hereby you help out track pollution, manage water resources and plan environmental programs which you can later track back on the app.

So, how clean is your water now?

Photo Courtesy: Ken Yamaguchi

One Response to “How clean is your water?”
  1. ilona says:

    love that tree hole!

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