Like to play a game?

Who doesn’t? Its fun and exciting to be challenged to score whatever there is to score, right?

I can’t believe how gaming has developed in these last  ten years. Playing ‘Prince of Persia’ on my pc,  took hours. If someone showed me all this way back then, I would not have believed my own eyes!

In recent times, the business industry is using the gaming aspect as one of their “prime marketing tools” to engage more consumers and suck’ em into their social network. Play the game and Win, Win, Win!

Oh, boy and many of us fall for it. Especially when it involves funky prizes.

But how cool is it if you can play a game and have a positive impact on society?! Games for Change, has been rolling already since 2004 and serves as an international platform between organizations, individuals, academics, journalists, governments and the game industry to share best practices, exchange knowledge and create + incubate new projects for those who seek to create a positive social impact through a digital game.

We recently met with Asi Burek at a film screening. His industry experience combined with his genuine motivation to help was inspiring. We will be following up on a tete a tete with him, here, sometime soon.

Now this is how we like to play a game.

photo courtesy : Ken Yamaguchi


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