Are you ready to trust again?

It’ s no news, that an immense gap has grown between donors and non profits after the huge Tsunami flop. Many questions were raised on how the money was used, its efficiency and if it landed where it was supposed to at all?

Journalists, news papers and bloggers worldwide were firing the subject, questioning if we could trust these non-profits and how their presidents were earning so much money. Where do our donations really go to?

Since then we continuously hear voices of mistrust, “unreliable” and “why should I donate at all if I don’t know where my money is going to?”  True on one side, but very sad on the other. Because even if some non profits out there are not playing by the rules, there are a whole other bunch of them that just do extremely beautiful work!

So, how to trust?

Thanks to Water for People we can now easily monitor non profit projects ourselves and even take action when necessary! They developed a great new visual app called FLOW, Field Level Operations Watch, to monitor their own projects and give total transparency and involvement to donors, governments, partners and the public. At first they  developed it for their own purposes, but because of the need and its high potential they invite all non profits to use the app. We think this is a huge step forward and hope all non profits will jump on board!!

So, do you want to trust and help out again?

Photo Courtesy: Ken Yamaguchi


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