How sustainable is your fashion?

My recent shopping experience in London did not go very well. My dear colleague made me aware  that I had just purchased three items that where manufactured in China. She mocked me half seriously, half jokingly of sustaining an unfair, inhuman industry.

Ouch! a joke or not, it seemed like a slap on my face. She was right.

Honestly, the fashion industry does not make it easy on us shopping addicts. Little are the brands that focus on sustainability.the environment, human rights, climate change and its effect on agriculture. So, yes we need to be aware and keep our eyes wide open on those little discreet tags, that tell us the real story.

However, there is now a light at the end of the tunnel. We are SO pleased to introduce you to Forum for the Future, a non profit organization, that collaborated with Levi Strauss & Co on ‘global scenarios for a sustainable fashion industry’. With their ‘Fashion Futures 2025’ report, they explore how major trends may play out over the next 15 years. The scenarios help businesses think about how the needs of us consumers  develop, the changing role of fashion and most importantly, their impact on the environment.

With their four scenarios; Slow is beautiful, Community couture, Techno-chic and Patchwork planet the report is a provocative read and demonstrates the urge to rise the challenge of the future and become sustainable.

Let’s hope the majority of the fashion industry picks up on this.

The sooner the better, because this will one more reason for us fashionistas to do some feel good shopping!

photo courtesy : Forum of the future


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