How much do you plastic?

I count five plastic bags in my kitchen cupboard, which I use over and over again. Although I must admit, that nine of the ten times I throw away another million little bags…bad habit or bad industry?

Again an issue thrust at us, with eyes shut on a silver plate.

We make a purchase, get the plastic bag and go home to throw it away. Not ‘really’ aware that this plastic never biodegrades and therefore just accumulates in what they call ‘the great pacific garbage patch’ in the pacific ocean. Already bigger than the state of Texas growing, everyday. Here’s where all the plastic ever made goes, then it photo degrades, which means the plastic is broken down further by the sun into little particles of plastic. But they never really go away. This plastic stays in our environment, in our soil, in animals and eventually it comes back to us. Imagine that scientists discovered that for each plankton or a piece of life, there is six pieces of plastic, a 1:6 ratio!

This is really an issue to BEND and thankfully there are more ways:

Check out this traditional Japanese wrapping cloth called ‘Mottainai Furoshiki’ which is used repeatedly in a stylish way. Introduced again by the Japanese government to reduce household waste from plastic bags. A new trend we can start worldwide?

Or how about Green Genius, biodegradable plastic bags? check out their video, its quite inspiring and we hope more retailers pick up on this.

Another great initiative and design, is from A biodegradable trash bag that also tells you how much biomass energy is in your rubbish. It visualizes how much energy potential a single bag contains thus forcing you to reconsider Bio-waste disposal habits.

So when we think about the floating plastic island, or the miniscule bits of plastic we  inhale, the question cannot avoided:  Do we still want plastic?

photo courtesy : Ken Yamaguchi


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