Education as fast food?

Growing up I wasn’t that much of a genius at school. I preferred floating away on my cloud of imagination and make up stories along the way. Especially on Mondays, after a – in my opinion – boring weekend, we had to sit in a circle and tell our teacher what we had done, I came up with the most absurd adventures.

I loved to tell the ones wherein I would escape at night to meet the forest gnomes and elves, who’d share the secrets of the universe with me. The other children would listen to every word I’d say, not even because they believed me, but simply because they adored the stories.

Years later, when I was forced to keep the more ridiculous stories to myself, my mum was called in by my geography teacher who claimed I was a bad student. Mum, amazing as she is replied it didn’t matter, geography was such a boring subject, did I really need it? and I excelled in far more important things!

I was lucky to have such a supportive mother, always backing me up and helping me find my path, although school did not excite my spirit. Instead of inspiring me to develop my talents, they forced me and everyone else to shut off and learn what the industrial system wants us to.

It took me a while to find my passion again, aged 25 I went back to school to study creative concept development, the so called industrial way of telling stories. Its a sad fact though, that still so many children are forced into this manufactured system and don’t get a chance to develop their intuitive passions at their own pace.

Sir Ken Robinson is a tremendous inspiring speaker about this subject. He says education should feed one’s spirit and excite that inner passion that makes all children excel in their very own talents; ‘it should not just be about that college degree’ he says. He’s revolutionizing education from an industrial system into a customized education model that will organically meet children’ s needs. Take a look at how he’s BENDing education and stirring up the world, to us he is a great example to follow.

Watch what this BENDer has to say:

photo courtesy : Ken Yamaguchi


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