We are the gardeners

Its incredible, if you think about it…how we have been gardening our planet into the wrong direction all this time, with no-one to tell us; ‘hey, you’re going the wrong way!’ (as an atheist I wonder, where’s god in this picture, hu?) So we keep polluting what we love the most, becoming the number one creators of waste. Drowning ourselves in waste.

Fascinating, almost a joke actually, how we are now suddenly and massively rising in sustainability, recreating and reshaping our garden. It has even become ‘cool’ to do the Eco and to be sustainable; great! I think…but how Eco are we really?  and how much sincerity is there in Green thinking and how much of it is purely new business strategy?

From Japan to Poland, Sweden, Amsterdam and Croatia;  everywhere we see new initiatives. Innovative ideas and products that will hopefully make up for it. Super! But why can’t I buy these in town? where are the retailers in this sustainable story? and why is it so hard to live a more conscious life? I mean I don’t care about a new expensive design table, that catches mice and turns them into energy, wtf? http://inhabitat.com/carnivorous-furniture-eats-insects-and-vermin-to-generate-energy/

I have honestly quite had enough of these luxurious // boutique kinda ‘hot’ new products; like these little cute packages with seeds in them that help me green my neighborhood. Please, I can only buy them online, so first I need to LOOK for them myself AND secondly there is almost no grass in Amsterdam!

Where are the gardeners that really shape-up the day-to-day routines? I want biodegradable plastic bags in my stores, I don’t want to read about it on a website, I want to use them! I want an energy-provider that solely gives me green energy, I want my food to be clean, I want a rain collector, I want, I want.. I just really hope we can switch from luxurious to ordinary and that we slowly start seeing a change that is closer to us, that really makes this difference in our daily lives.

Eco is not about being ‘cool’ and rising up society with an ‘awesome initiative’ that is too far away for the people. Sustainable should be about generating true changes, that are tangible for a nation and better for the world.

Said that, I’ll start gardening then with these amazing bomb-grenades. I’ll throw them around in the city feeling a bit like I’m starting my own green war 😉


(oh, yeah..it took me 10 minutes and 15 seconds to find these online….)

Photo courtesy : Ken Yamaguchi


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