Talk to water

More than half of our earth is water and three quarters of our body is water. We can live without food for days but water on the other hand, is our life line. What is this strange chemistry we have with water?

Dr. Masaru Emoto has been a man of controversy when it comes to his research in water.  In 1999 he published a volume of work “Messages from Water” with photographs of water next to words of intent.  He claimed, that if human thoughts or words are directed towards water droplets before they are frozen, the images of the crystals will be beautiful or ugly depending on the nature of the thoughts/words.

Some are faithful followers of his claim while others in the scientific community doubt his lack of experimental control. Still others question his intent and motivation on sales he makes based on his claim. Each “indigo water” a highly charged structured concentrate is available on line for $35 for an 8 ounce bottle.

We are not here to question and criticize but merely observe and note. A glance into the books reveals that Emoto also has a special way of photographing these crystals. He claims that crystals from a mountain spring would be more geometric and beautifully shaped when frozen while crystals from a polluted source would show “definite distortion” and randomness in form. They are fascinating none the less and it forces us to wonder what the water crystals of India’s holy river Ganges with all its recent pollution would look like?

Today is a special day for Masaru and his followers. He is calling upon people from around the world to send prayers of love and gratitude to the waters next to the Fukushima Nuclear Plants as its beginning to contaminate the ocean, the air, and the water molecules of the surrounding area. See details here:

As Masaru points out, Human Wisdom has been tried and tested at Fukushima but to no avail.  Could we then start believing in the extraordinary and start addressing bigger issues with this small prayer?

Header Photo courtesy :Sid Tawadey

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