If you ran the world, what would you do?

These days, everyone seems to want to do their own bit to better the world in a big or small way. Does this recent trend come with the growing frequency of natural disasters around us, or in fact, is an inevitable part of our evolutionary process. Or perhaps a combination of both?

When we speak to people about this urge, one of the main obstacles towards chasing this desire, is their work. Their 9-5 careers often do not allow time for these benevolent endeavors, causing them to go around in circles of frustration.

Today we write about a phenomenal lady, the advertising maven, Cindy Gallop. She has used her profession, moulded all her work experience, intuition, knowledge and skill set to create an easy platform where we can dive in and participate to make our world a better place.

For all of us, who have been itching to do  good, here it is. And for all those who have been using work as an excuse, Cindy is a compelling example of how we can use work to achieve our vision for the world.

The platform is based on a simple truth that Cindy mentions – “You are what you do”. IfWeRanTheWorld is an online experiment, a community where people come together to tap into good intentions, turning them into tangible micro actions. Each project is broken down into micro-actions. As a user, you can create your own project,  join those similar to yours or simply participate in micro actions. The projects range from small everyday achievable tasks like  “Eat one vegetarian meal a day”,  “Smile at a child today” to larger scope tasks like “Change your consumption behavior” to”Shifting from unsustainable energies to greener energies through political influence”

And its not just people like you and me, brands too seem to have a place on this platform. Levis, for example has posted a project on re-invigorating a library with help from the people. Throughout it all, the ultimate objective remains. Pooling into a well of good and be a living part of it. We are inspired by the potential impact of this platform and perhaps, very soon, in the near future, we will go out into our day with a few daily missions from IWRTW.

And there’s something to be said about the “together” element. The ability to achieve more together as a group than alone. Knowing that everyone of those users made a conscious decision to take one step towards a vision they share –  A desire to make a change to better the world. Now, that definitely slides a huge smile onto our faces : )


Feature Image Courtesy : Sid Tawadey / www.sidphotography.com

Cindy Gallop / www.cindygallop.com


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