Are you a part of a larger eco-system?

Nature has its own way of leading by example. Lets take our ecosystem, a number of elements interacting with each other, at various levels, benefiting from each other in an efficient rhythm. What else could you call this but smart?

As I’m sure you’ll agree, mosquitoes are not friends to many. But heres the thing, they are food to birds, bats and dragonflies. And their eggs are food for fish. Just like that, every dot of nature is intricately woven into this magical web of interconnectivity.

Our society, is finally closing in to replicate that pattern in more ways than one. We are living in a time when connectivity and social interaction levels are at an all time high. A friend creates a Facebook post on composting. This educates me and I buy my first composting bin. My blog on recycling spots in NYC provides her valid information and thus we get intertwined in a virtual community bound with common interests.

Its not just us, but brands too, are making the way into this complex layered interaction where efficiency is the name of the game. Leaving the one-to-many age old strategy, brands are moving forward by adapting themselves and re-defining “smart” in their own terms. Moving to connect beyond the obvious network, they are developing subtle radars to identify and rapidly adapt to changing behavior and motivation and, becoming important pillars in building community. And, that’s just the start of it.

For more details, dive into this great article, written by Frog Design’s CMO, Tim Leberecht.

Which makes me wonder, which ecosystem do I belong, and how do I do my part?

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