BEND introduces AMBASSADORS in key cities around the wold.

Our common interests and belief system, their distinguished work in society and their peer outreach has been crucial in this endorsement.

They are our local leads, bringing us vanguard initiatives and the true state of affairs in their backyard. They provide us with realtime information that sometimes goes unheard.

They are our strength as they spread BEND’s “Believe in Better” ideology  to the  different parts of the world.


A BEND AMBASSADOR, continuously searching for ways to add value to life:

Extraordinary Artist, Visual Communicator and passionate Earth Lover Sudipto Banerjee is an adventurous man.
His inspiration is his father, Geoscientist Manotosh Bandopadhyay, who was lecturing on current hot topics as far back as the 1994 Earth Summit Tokyo, a decade before Al Gore and Dr Pachouri had even started raising their concerns.

” If you don’t move about, you stagnate and your mind shrinks.” With this undying ideology he has travelled to all 28 states and 7 union territories of his native India.

Needless to say he is one that you can rely on for the latest hyper-local updates from India. He will be posting on our Facebook walls with live updates and debates from his current base in the “City of Joy” Kolkata.
Photo Courtesy : Ken Yamaguchi


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