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Profile: We are simply believers for better. instead of running against the big ocean we believe using its strength can create new rivers. This blog is about you and us, as we explore our choices as consumers. about brands big and small, the world and the less fortunate and how they could mutually benefit each other. Pooja Munshi is a lover of the ocean and surfs every chance she can. She works at an innovative global digital agency, Strawberry Frog, New York. When she is not dedicated to working on developing brands, she spends time mentoring kids with IMENTOR, acts as marketing consultant to the IISD (an organization affiliated with the United Nations ECOSOC), helps feeding the homeless in the neighborhood soup kitchen, provides digital strategy guidance to her family non profit hospital, Dr. Nihar Munsi Eye Foundation and sponsors a little bengali girl's education in India. She is working on her dream to be the bridge between design/strategy and the people who really need the benefits. Alice Marzano is an exuberant Dutch-Indonesian-Italian globetrotter, now living in Amsterdam. With all those spices in her, she continuously pulls out the box big ideas for advertising campaigns, as Concept Developer and Copywriter. When she is not working for agencies, her mind and soul are continuously thinking of ways to better the world. Some of her projects include 'The Norwegian Dream' a documentary shot for the non-profit organization, Lullaby Me a product she conceived for a cooperation between Philips design and child related Ngo's and Replay - Pur a fragrance campaign for safe drinking water for children. She is a charmer who can set magic with her mind.

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