If you ran the world, what would you do?

These days, everyone seems to want to do their own bit to better the world in a big or small way. Does this recent trend come with the growing frequency of natural disasters around us, or in fact, is an inevitable part of our evolutionary process. Or perhaps a combination of both? When we speak to people … Continue reading

Talk to water

More than half of our earth is water and three quarters of our body is water. We can live without food for days but water on the other hand, is our life line. What is this strange chemistry we have with water? Dr. Masaru Emoto has been a man of controversy when it comes to … Continue reading

How wild can you get?

I have always been a nature and wildlife addict. Well, who isn’t? But, strange as it may sound to some,  I love to get my hands dirty in soil, squeeze the black earth in my palms. Or, sniff out the smell of the salty ocean as I’m drawing close to it. Or, the feeling  that … Continue reading

Do you ever use a drill?

We are in the process of switching the set up in our apartment. Not a whole deal, just moving stuff around, bringing in a fresh angle for the season ahead. Requires some new drilling, screwing and smart moves. Don’t have a screwdriver or a drill though. So, all work pauses, need to wait until Monday … Continue reading

Brands today are a combination of You, Me and the product itself

With today’s trend in transparency, brands are trying hard to incorporate our voice. Our comments are being heard. Products are being updated based on consumer request. When a brand and people come together, the cause effects can be mammoth! See what SONY + WWF is doing. You can create the issue, and you can come … Continue reading