How sustainable is your fashion?

My recent shopping experience in London did not go very well. My dear colleague made me aware  that I had just purchased three items that where manufactured in China. She mocked me half seriously, half jokingly of sustaining an unfair, inhuman industry. Ouch! a joke or not, it seemed like a slap on my face. She was … Continue reading

Are you ready to trust again?

It’ s no news, that an immense gap has grown between donors and non profits after the huge Tsunami flop. Many questions were raised on how the money was used, its efficiency and if it landed where it was supposed to at all? Journalists, news papers and bloggers worldwide were firing the subject, questioning if we … Continue reading

Like to play a game?

Who doesn’t? Its fun and exciting to be challenged to score whatever there is to score, right? I can’t believe how gaming has developed in these last  ten years. Playing ‘Prince of Persia’ on my pc,  took hours. If someone showed me all this way back then, I would not have believed my own eyes! In recent times, … Continue reading

Are you into Martin Margiela, Diesel, Africa and gaming?

We may have skipped this piece of news, if not for our favorite designer. Martin Margiela’s name is enough to make us stop. Some clicks into this bit of news revealed a very interesting collaboration. The man behind Deisel, Victor & Rolf and Martin Margiela, Renzo Rosso has undertaken a new  responsibility that uses his name, … Continue reading

Whats your talent?

Each and everyone one of us has it; a talent. One particular thing we can do extremely well and the best part of it is that we can do it in a snap, kinda like without having to think about it! I’m personally really good at coming up with ideas, for practically anything. You ask … Continue reading