How to convert your office desk to a farm

Who could deny the love for a mango? I am sitting here in New York, staring at the voluptuous mango on my plate. I realize these tropical fruits delivered fresh to our door step have  travelled a long way before finding  me. Its not just the mango I see, but an added price tag of … Continue reading

Do you ever use a drill?

We are in the process of switching the set up in our apartment. Not a whole deal, just moving stuff around, bringing in a fresh angle for the season ahead. Requires some new drilling, screwing and smart moves. Don’t have a screwdriver or a drill though. So, all work pauses, need to wait until Monday … Continue reading

What’s your neighborhood like?

Last evening we went to a Japanese Robotaya restaurant in the East Village (NYC). The cuisine presentation style was certainly unique and entertaining but my ears perked up when I heard “Our fish is flown in from Japan everyday”. A few years back, this would have been luxurious and exciting to hear, but now, it … Continue reading

do you take things for granted?

In western society, the growing-up years have always seen education through a burdensome lens. They tell us to dream big but with that comes the pressure to study and get good grades, be on time when that bothersome alarm goes off early am and with it, all  other hassles of  proving ourselves. But lets get real; … Continue reading

Save Time + Money and be Responsible at the same time?

We’ve seen it in Athens and on instances even in Brasil and in India. Being on an island like New York, we have often wondered why cabs are so rarely if not ever shared. Especially around 6pm when its rush hour. When you have to get to the clients drinks session at half past 6 but … Continue reading