If you ran the world, what would you do?

These days, everyone seems to want to do their own bit to better the world in a big or small way. Does this recent trend come with the growing frequency of natural disasters around us, or in fact, is an inevitable part of our evolutionary process. Or perhaps a combination of both? When we speak to people … Continue reading

Education as fast food?

Growing up I wasn’t that much of a genius at school. I preferred floating away on my cloud of imagination and make up stories along the way. Especially on Mondays, after a – in my opinion – boring weekend, we had to sit in a circle and tell our teacher what we had done, I … Continue reading

How sustainable is your fashion?

My recent shopping experience in London did not go very well. My dear colleague made me aware  that I had just purchased three items that where manufactured in China. She mocked me half seriously, half jokingly of sustaining an unfair, inhuman industry. Ouch! a joke or not, it seemed like a slap on my face. She was … Continue reading

Like to play a game?

Who doesn’t? Its fun and exciting to be challenged to score whatever there is to score, right? I can’t believe how gaming has developed in these last  ten years. Playing ‘Prince of Persia’ on my pc,  took hours. If someone showed me all this way back then, I would not have believed my own eyes! In recent times, … Continue reading

What’s your neighborhood like?

Last evening we went to a Japanese Robotaya restaurant in the East Village (NYC). The cuisine presentation style was certainly unique and entertaining but my ears perked up when I heard “Our fish is flown in from Japan everyday”. A few years back, this would have been luxurious and exciting to hear, but now, it … Continue reading