An interview with Raina Blyer, eco-fashion designer for BEND the system

When eco-fashion wasn’t yet  born and before the green revolution took off, designer and local New Yorker Raina Blyer created a platform where she could address environmental and social issues through fashion. After a rigorous career in the fashion industry, she felt she needed to take a stand on what was going on in the … Continue reading

How much do you plastic?

I count five plastic bags in my kitchen cupboard, which I use over and over again. Although I must admit, that nine of the ten times I throw away another million little bags…bad habit or bad industry? Again an issue thrust at us, with eyes shut on a silver plate. We make a purchase, get … Continue reading

How sustainable is your fashion?

My recent shopping experience in London did not go very well. My dear colleague made me aware  that I had just purchased three items that where manufactured in China. She mocked me half seriously, half jokingly of sustaining an unfair, inhuman industry. Ouch! a joke or not, it seemed like a slap on my face. She was … Continue reading

Are you ready to trust again?

It’ s no news, that an immense gap has grown between donors and non profits after the huge Tsunami flop. Many questions were raised on how the money was used, its efficiency and if it landed where it was supposed to at all? Journalists, news papers and bloggers worldwide were firing the subject, questioning if we … Continue reading

How clean is your water?

Growing up in the north of Italy I had the privilege to drink crystal clean mountain water. I remember we would often go to a spring by the road, where the freshest water I have ever tasted just infinitely flowed out of a tree’s hole. Simply there, as a gift from nature to all. Funny how uncommon such a delight now … Continue reading