Are you a part of a larger eco-system?

Nature has its own way of leading by example. Lets take our ecosystem, a number of elements interacting with each other, at various levels, benefiting from each other in an efficient rhythm. What else could you call this but smart? As I’m sure you’ll agree, mosquitoes are not friends to many. But heres the thing, … Continue reading

Talk to water

More than half of our earth is water and three quarters of our body is water. We can live without food for days but water on the other hand, is our life line. What is this strange chemistry we have with water? Dr. Masaru Emoto has been a man of controversy when it comes to … Continue reading

We are the gardeners

Its incredible, if you think about it…how we have been gardening our planet into the wrong direction all this time, with no-one to tell us; ‘hey, you’re going the wrong way!’ (as an atheist I wonder, where’s god in this picture, hu?) So we keep polluting what we love the most, becoming the number one … Continue reading

The Art of Turning Art into Money, an interview with Artist DADARA for BEND the system

Coming from a Polish family of scientists, DADARA (Daniel Rozenberg) isn’t just the usual piece of artist. From sculptures to installations, paintings and drawings he constantly manages to surprise the public. His work is not only a visual delight; mostly it’s an intriguing experience wherein he takes you into a ride of awareness’s and social … Continue reading

“Responsible Desire” and more. An interview with Sustainable Product Designer, Jaime Salm of Mioculture

Eco – Industrial Design may have been discredited ten years ago, but today, this is the same genre that is attracting much attention. Jaime Salm is a flag bearer of this category and dedicates himself to exploring opportunities through sustainable design. His design laboratory MIO focuses on bridging the gap between sustainability and business through … Continue reading