An interview with Designer, Filmmaker and Activist – Joao Amorim for BEND the System

João Amorim is an Emmy nominated Brazilian Director focusing on the cross roads of the animation and documentary genres. He has worked  for many years as an industrial designer, animator, and animation supervisor for companies like BMW, Panasonic, Oceana  prior to directing his work towards social and environmental causes. João is one of the founding partners … Continue reading

How wild can you get?

I have always been a nature and wildlife addict. Well, who isn’t? But, strange as it may sound to some,  I love to get my hands dirty in soil, squeeze the black earth in my palms. Or, sniff out the smell of the salty ocean as I’m drawing close to it. Or, the feeling  that … Continue reading

Do you ever use a drill?

We are in the process of switching the set up in our apartment. Not a whole deal, just moving stuff around, bringing in a fresh angle for the season ahead. Requires some new drilling, screwing and smart moves. Don’t have a screwdriver or a drill though. So, all work pauses, need to wait until Monday … Continue reading

What’s your neighborhood like?

Last evening we went to a Japanese Robotaya restaurant in the East Village (NYC). The cuisine presentation style was certainly unique and entertaining but my ears perked up when I heard “Our fish is flown in from Japan everyday”. A few years back, this would have been luxurious and exciting to hear, but now, it … Continue reading

Food takes over as the #1 Conversation Starter

“The key is to a man’s heart is through his stomach” We were reminded of this quote when we first heard about the Conflict Kitchen Project. With this vanguard initiative, we realised how crucial the medium food could be. Based out of Pittsburg this Take-Out only restaurant  features cuisine from countries that the US in … Continue reading