“Responsible Desire” and more. An interview with Sustainable Product Designer, Jaime Salm of Mioculture

Eco – Industrial Design may have been discredited ten years ago, but today, this is the same genre that is attracting much attention. Jaime Salm is a flag bearer of this category and dedicates himself to exploring opportunities through sustainable design. His design laboratory MIO focuses on bridging the gap between sustainability and business through … Continue reading

Education as fast food?

Growing up I wasn’t that much of a genius at school. I preferred floating away on my cloud of imagination and make up stories along the way. Especially on Mondays, after a – in my opinion – boring weekend, we had to sit in a circle and tell our teacher what we had done, I … Continue reading

Finding your passion : A story from the heart

Pooja Munshi of BEND the system journals about how she came face to face with her passion: Back in those days, working in the fashion industry in New York had pulled me into a very self centered life. There was no time to stop still for a moment, forget pondering about the world and its … Continue reading

An interview with Designer, Filmmaker and Activist – Joao Amorim for BEND the System

João Amorim is an Emmy nominated Brazilian Director focusing on the cross roads of the animation and documentary genres. He has worked  for many years as an industrial designer, animator, and animation supervisor for companies like BMW, Panasonic, Oceana  prior to directing his work towards social and environmental causes. João is one of the founding partners … Continue reading

An interview with Raina Blyer, eco-fashion designer for BEND the system

When eco-fashion wasn’t yet  born and before the green revolution took off, designer and local New Yorker Raina Blyer created a platform where she could address environmental and social issues through fashion. After a rigorous career in the fashion industry, she felt she needed to take a stand on what was going on in the … Continue reading